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<![CDATA[Miss Universe Pageant will air live on FOX]]>Mon, 02 Nov 2015 19:26:39 GMThttp://www.cheriesite.com//miss-universe-pageant-will-air-live-on-foxMiss Universe on FOXMiss Universe will air on FOX Dec. 20th
The Miss Universe Organization has announced that its 2015 Miss Universe Pageant will be televised on the FOX Network December 20, live from Las Vegas.

The production is returning to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, where the worldwide event has been held several times previously.

New pageant owners IMG
have an agreement with FOX that will allow them to also broadcast the Miss USA Pageant.

Will you be watching?

<![CDATA[Interview with Molly Sims]]>Fri, 23 Oct 2015 18:20:20 GMThttp://www.cheriesite.com//interview-with-molly-simsMolly Sims CoolsculptingPhoto courtesy Molly Sims for CoolSculpting
Molly Sims took time out from her busy schedule as a model, actress and mom of two, for this exclusive interview.

The former Las Vegas star is the new spokesmodel for a surgery-free cosmetic procedure called CoolSculpting.

Sims herself received treatments successfully following the birth of her first child in 2012. We are happy to see Molly back in the spotlight!

Read the full story here

<![CDATA[Top 10 Safety Tips for Models]]>Fri, 09 Oct 2015 14:58:59 GMThttp://www.cheriesite.com//top-10-safety-tips-for-modelsModeling can be a fun, exciting and rewarding career. But there is also a dark side to the modeling industry. It lures bad people who want to take advantage of young hopefuls who wish to fulfill their dreams of becoming a model. When it comes to attending open calls and meeting up with photographers, there's nothing more important in any model's life than practicing good safety techniques.

In this article, we explore some of the best safety tips for models that can be applied to everyone in their everyday lives as well.

Got a great safety tip to share? Post it in the comments below.
<![CDATA[Donald Trump has sold Miss Universe]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 18:15:43 GMThttp://www.cheriesite.com//donald-trump-has-sold-miss-universeTrump sells Miss UniverseDonald Trump has sold Miss Universe
Going once, going twice... sold! In the boldest move of the year (bigger than announcing his presidential run)Donald Trump has sold Miss Universe Organization to superstar agents WME - IMG.

Get the details:
Donald Trump sells the Miss Universe Organization

While many pageant fans are shocked, there are several Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe hopefuls out there who are breathing a sigh of relief after this year's fiasco with the live national telecast of the Miss USA 2015 pageant being axed by NBC at the final hour. So what do the new owners have in store?

Olivia Jordan runway modelMiss USA Olivia Jordan at NYFW
For those new to the talent industry, WME-IMG stands for William Morris Endeavor and IMG Talent, a partnership of one of the largest and most well respected talent agencies in the industry and a leading modeling agency. This entity has long been working with the Miss Universe Org and the Trumpster to bring beauties like the reigning Miss USA Olivia Jordan (pictured here last spring as Miss Oklahoma at NYFW) to the runways of Fashion Week shows nationwide.

WME represents many famous celebrities, with their talent roster including top model Cara Delevingne. Bottom line - this change could bring even more opportunities for pageant titleholders worldwide to expand their horizons in the fashion and entertainment industry. You go, girls!

<![CDATA[How to Become a Model for Cosmopolitan Magazine]]>Mon, 07 Sep 2015 18:54:51 GMThttp://www.cheriesite.com//how-to-become-a-model-for-cosmopolitan-magazineBikini Model Cosmopolitan MagazineCherie Wimberly in Cosmo Tells All
I'm often asked how a Miami model got to shoot with Cosmo not one, but three times! Like many other tales of luck in the entertainment industry, mine can be attributed to being at the right place at the right time. It was by chance that during the break of a very long full-day shoot, I was taking my own kind of siesta (aka napping on the couch in my South Beach modeling agent's lobby) when in walked one of the art directors from Cosmopolitan magazine.

He was in Miami catching a connecting flight on his way to New York, and the airlines delayed the flight by a couple of hours. I'm not sure what made him decide to visit the agency that afternoon, but I'm sure glad he did. My agent woke me from a nice deep sleep and said, "There is someone I want you to meet - the art director for Cosmo!" Was I dreaming? Nope. At first all I could think was hopefully I didn't have too bad of bed head, or in this case couch head. But like every good model I turned on the charm through sleepy eyes and started telling him stories about each of the shots on my comp card. He must have like them, because a few weeks later my agent got the exciting news that Cosmo was sending a team to Miami to shoot an editorial promo spread with me as the model! (What, what?!)

The shoot was held at an ocean side hotel on South Beach in the pool area, and for me arriving on set was pretty nerve-wracking. After all this was Cosmo! Once I was introduced to everyone, they led me to a cabana where hair and makeup artists were waiting. While the hairstyle was kept pretty natural, makeup included false eyelashes, bright lips and cheeks, right on target with my expectations for a Cosmo shoot. Things were going great so far.

Next came wardrobe, which consisted of jeans in a stars and stripes pattern, and a bustier with lots of beads and sequins, definitely an All-American look, and of course a little over the top. Again, right in line with what a model could expect at a Cosmo shoot. Then came the unexpected addition to my costume, as the stylist handed me falsies for stuffing my top. "Look," he said, "this is Cosmo, we don't care if you're Dolly Parton, you're getting stuffed." Although it was a little overwhelming, I thought it was the perfect finishing touch to my ultra-glamorous Cosmo preparation experience. At that point I couldn't have been more ready for the shoot.

Cherie Wimberly CosmopolitanCosmo photo shoot in the rain
 In a pair of six-inch stiletto sandals, I headed out to the pool area where it was starting to slightly drizzle (aka a heavy downpour by LA standards). The photography team didn't seem too worried, so I tried not to let the possibility of inclement weather rain on my parade either, so to speak. Taking my mark up on the edge of the swimming pool, I was handed a giant American flag. Little did anyone know that moments later the wind would pick up, and this seemingly innocent prop would turn into what looked like a giant sail fighting to take me for a dip. Not only that, but anyone familiar with tropical weather knows what comes next after the wind picks up - rain! Thank goodness it wasn't full-on raining yet.

Through what seemed to be an endless series of hurricane-like wind gusts, balancing on high heels, battles of will with the giant American flag, light sprinkles of rain waiting to happen, and a continuous prayer inside my head that the whole thing would not turn into a huge disaster, I somehow held my ground. Thanks to super firm hold hair spray and my super firm grip around that flag pole, we were able to get enough shots in between wind gusts to pull it off! The resulting photo was almost too perfect, and no one would ever be able to tell the harrowing experience behind what looks like a rather simple pose. The art director of Cosmopolitan must have been pleased with my bravery in the face of the elements, since subsequently I was booked for two more shoots in the Cosmo Tells All section of the magazine.

On the third shoot I got to work with a good friend of mine, photographer Mark Wilderman, ironically since I've always believed it was the story behind his cover shot of me for Palm Beach Illustrated magazine told on that sleepy afternoon back at the agency that got me the gig in the first place. Although the other shoots were not as eventful as the first, they were still fun and each time I was just as nervous and excited. After all, it was Cosmo!

So when it comes to the secret of how to get booked for Cosmo magazine, or any other modeling job, the answer is simple. Be alert and be yourself. When opportunity knocks, be prepared to answer the door with a smile and a great story. And you just may get noticed.

<![CDATA[Watch Miss Teen USA 2015 online]]>Tue, 25 Aug 2015 17:55:34 GMThttp://www.cheriesite.com//watch-miss-teen-usa-2015-onlineWatch Miss Teen USAKatherine Haik, Miss Teen USA
The Miss Teen USA Pageant took place on August 22nd at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Miss Louisiana Teen USA Katherine Haik was crowned the winner.

In case you missed it, the Miss Teen USA Organization has posted the pageant in its entirety to YouTube, where you can watch the 2015 Miss Teen USA Pageant for free!

Watch Now

Think you have what it takes to be the next Miss Teen USA? State pageants are now taking applications nationwide. Visit the Miss Teen USA official website for details.